Winners of Maker Cities: SynchroniCity: The 5 Top Ideas!

Well, the first Maker Cities challenge is officially over.  It’s time to recap the top ideas and imagine a world in which they all happen.

  1. COLLECTIVE MOODS: Player Alina combines the power of sensors, personal tech, and social networks to imagine a SynchroniCity in which neighborhoods can react to the collective ‘mood’ of everybody who lives there by spontaneously organizing parties or games.
  2. ROAD TRAINS:: Player tedks imagines a future in between now and a world where all cars are self-driving.  In this intermediary phase, people can link their cars together to create convoys or trains, all ‘driven’ by a single driver at the very front!
  3. MICRO-DELIVERIES: Why have delivery trucks?  All people can be couriers of goods by simply matching their daily task maps with where goods need to go.  If you are planning on driving by the destination of a package, earn a little extra money by dropping it off yourself.
  4. FUTURE OF BILLBOARDS: Hackers and programmers aren’t the only ones who can interface with their city as a platform.  Sensor networks make it possible to quantify the positive impact of neighborhood art, by measuring the emotions of people in the city.  Artists can step up to the plate and repurpose billboards into powerful statements of creativity!
  5. SIDEWALK COMMUNITIES: Krash63 points out how a SynchroniCity could use immersive experiences, pop-up events and more that would make walking down the street an exciting and powerful experience, making walking a more appealing option than driving.

What would a city look like in which movement has purpose?  In which walking down the sidewalk can be an exotic and enriching experience, or where biking to work can earn you money?  What would the world look like if private transportation and public transportation merged- where you drive to the highway, but then join a high-speed automated convoy?

Many ideas submitted to SynchroniCity deal with new ways to interact with your community, with a focus on quantifiable mood as a means for justifying public works.   On the city scale, this means being able to deploy treatments that almost resemble medicine to entire neighborhoods- is everyone on your block feeling down?  Time for a block party.  After all, humans are social animals.

What did you learn from reading through the SynchroniCity ideas?

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