Top 3 Ideas from the Past 2 Weeks

Maker Cities, our massively multiplayer game for prototyping the future of cities, has wrapped up our first major challenge.  We have more scheduled and just around the corner, but in the meanwhile, players have been hard at work creatively ideating without constraints.  Here are some of our favorite ideas from the past couple weeks.

  1. INTERACTIVE ADVERTIZING: What if your city could customize its public place ads (like bus stops or billboards) just for you?  As a paid service, you could access new information and take classes on the go.  All public ad spaces could become impromptu classrooms, or at the very least, you could get tailored ads related to your personal needs.

  2. COLLABORATIVE CORRIDOR: The poorest regions of South Africa are often those where work is farthest away; women wake up at 4 AM and return home after dark, often spending up to $5 of their $10 daily earning just on transport.  Introducing WiFi hotspots into these communities would enable them to create their own networks, and generate new business and community improvement opportunities using their 94% cell phone penetration rate.  ’Smart cities’ are a widely addressed topic in the developed world.  But as much of Africa, India, and other places leapfrogged straight from no phones to cell phones (skipping landlines), could there be a ‘leapfrogging’ potential for jumping from little civic infrastructure to a ‘smart city’ as well?

  3. OPT-IN OPT-OUT MICROVOTING: What if you could vote only the issues that mattered to you?  What if the weight of your vote changed depending on the issues you cared about, and the use of smart technology made it possible to track your interests in ways never before possible?

Which idea do you like best?  What challenges might keep these futures from coming true?  Click on the link to your favorite to provide your feedback in Maker Cities!

Stay tuned for the winners!

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