Synchronicity Challenge

Welcome to Maker Cities Challenge #1!

What do open data, social networks, embedded sensors, and mobile devices have in common?  Together, they make the SyncroniCity possible– a future city where civic hackers and empowered citizens can program their city from the ground up.

In a SynchroniCity, what we now call chance encounters will be designed. College students with an hour to spare get notified about quick delivery jobs right around the corner. Shoppers order goods for on-the-go delivery by automated drones.

Here’s your chance to make the future of your city:

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In a SyncroniCity, open data enables makers to work on a whole new scale–creating new public experiences.  Apps can be built directly on top of the city as a platform. You could make a Happy Birthday app that taps into public displays to wish your friend Happy Birthday, and easily organize a crowd to reenact their favorite movie scenes as a gift.

Your challenge: How would you tap into the SyncroniCity?  What would you design, and how would you solve old problems in new ways?  

All this week we invite you to join the Maker Cities community and submit your ideas in the game. A few things to keep in mind:

  • Be sure to include the word SyncroniCity somewhere in your idea so other players can find it and support your idea.
  • Don’t forget to explore other players’ ideas and provide feedback.  Once an idea gets enough support, it moves on the final make stage, in which all players are invited to create prototypes of the idea–anything from low-fi hand-drawn diagrams, to interface mockups, even Arduino projects!

How to win:

At the end of the week, we’ll choose a winner and top 5 for three categories: best ideas, best prototypes, and best collaborators.  We’ll announce winners on this blog and on Institute for the Future’s Facebook page and Twitter (@iftf).

Start today! Sign up at and make the future of your city!

About the game: Maker Cities is a massively multiplayer game that empowers you, the players, to imagine and make the future of your city. In the game, you submit your ideas about how the maker movement might impact society at large in the near future: how we learn, govern, eat and live. The best ideas and prototypes will win awards at the end of every weekly challenge. Our first weekly challenge is called Syncronicity.

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