Our favorite ideas from the final days of SynchroniCity challenge!


Maker Cities, our massively multiplayer game for prototyping the future of cities, has been live for two weeks!  The game’s first challenge, called SynchroniCity, wrapped up on January 31st and asked players what they would make if they could program or build anything directly on top of a Smart City.  This challenge is important because smart cities, and new forms of city infrastructure, will have a huge impact on how citizens today will be able to actively make the lives of others better tomorrow.

Every few days we’ve put out a post highlighting our top ideas from the past few days.  Well, the challenge is over, and before we announce the winners, it’s time for our top 5 ideas from the final 3 days!  Click the link next to your favorite idea to support it in Maker Cities!

Using sensors to help citizens create city-wide happiness, reduce waste, and more.  How would you remake your city? #makercities

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Our top 5 from the final days of the SynchroniCity challenge:

  1. LAUGH FUTURE: How do you make cities happier places to live?  Why not incentivize citizens to make each-other happier, use sensors to monitor laughter, and use micro-payments to support whomever initiated the joke?  The true notion of the ‘Synchronicity’ is that it offers new opportunities for powerful social interactions.  So if you can get paid to make others laugh, everyone becomes a professional comedian and your city becomes a more joyous place.

  2. SELF-HEALING SENSOR GRIDS: A city-wide sensor network will require constant updates- essentially, it will need its own healthcare system.  The citizens of tomorrow’s smart cities will need to step up and be the ones responsible for maintenance.

  3. FUTURE OF BILLBOARDS: Hackers and programmers aren’t the only ones who can interface with their city as a platform.  Sensor networks make it possible to quantify the positive impact of neighborhood art, by measuring the emotions of people in the city.  Artists can step up to the plate and repurpose billboards into powerful statements of creativity!

  4. MEDIUM-SCALE MANUFACTURING: 3D printing, even when it’s cost effective to have in everybody’s house, may never have its greatest impact on the residential scale.  Local manufacturing, just on the outskirts of the city, with factories the size of several houses, might make best use of 3D printing to produce high quality goods at industrial scale.

  5. INDEPENDENT FOOD MAKERS UNITE: Food waste can be most rampant in the food services industry.  Catering, restaurants, and more regularly throw out tons of food.  By networking food services companies together, waste can be prevented at all scales.  Extra food from an event can be brought where it’s needed, instead of getting thrown out.

Which idea do you like best?  What challenges might keep these futures from coming true?  Click on the link to your favorite to provide your feedback in Maker Cities.

Stay tuned for the winners!

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