#Megacities: How can makers improve rapidly growing cities?

Imagine if 25% more people moved to your city in the coming decade.  Suddenly, your public transit system is a bit flooded, your roads are crowded, and your housing market has way too much demand relative to supply.  This is the reality of many of the world’s largest cities- Bangkok, Beijing, Lagos, Shenzhen, and Jakarta all grew more than 25% from 2000 to 2010 alone, expanding vertically and horizontally to make room for new inhabitants.

As a maker in a rapidly growing megacity, how could you help build and design systems to improve life from the ground up?  What are some innovative strategies for making better use of space, or some wondrous solutions?  For example, the highline park in New York City repurposed an old elevated freight rail line and turned it into a 1.45 mile long walking trail; the lowline park in New York is a similar proposed project, for the world’s first underground park.

The world’s fastest growing cities need #makers to help improve quality of life!

Making a rapidly growing city liveable, human-feeling, and a desirable place to live is a real challenge.  Favorite places will become busier.  While this presents a real challenge, it’s also a wonderful opportunity to rethink how your city works, to make proposals for big changes and fascinating new projects.  Help us envision the role of makers in the world’s megacities, in this week’s #megacities challenge.

Play the game and take a crack at answering:

  • How can makers make more effective use of public spaces in megacities?
  • What cool apps or city services can makers create to help people navigate life in megacities?
  • How can makers share their values in new ways to create more livable megacities?

How can #makers create more livable #megacities? #makercities

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