Maker Learning is about Discovering

Imagine your city is a classroom in 2025. What will that look like?

  • Like Lenore Edman, we will learn by doing–over and over.
  • Like Preetha Ram, we will seek to make learning more meaningful by making it engaging and social.
  • Like Marc Roth, we will create new learning experiences that can create new opportunities for all.
  • Like Nikhil Goyal, we will know that learning can happen with a little initiative and just a few minutes.

How will your city be a classroom in 2025? What technologies, communities, and resources could come together to create a meaningful learning experience? What can you do to make this future happen? How can learners make a Maker City–a city where citizens have a voice and act on their ideas?

Login to and share your idea for learning in a Maker City! Be sure to write “maker learning” in the description so others can search for your idea.

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