Maker Learning: Imagine Your City as a Classroom in 2025

Learning is moving beyond classrooms into makerspaces, interactive museums, community labs, and–with smartphones–increasingly in the hands of students. Learners of all types and ages are connecting with these resources to direct their own paths and teach others. How will we learn in the future?

Your challenge: Imagine your city as a classroom in 2025. What would you learn? Who would you teach? Where would you create new spaces for learning? How would you connect with others around you to create learning experiences?

In 2025, cities will be classrooms without walls. How will you make this future? Play the #makercities game!

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Now through March 14, we invite you to join the Maker Cities community and submit your ideas in the game.

  • Be sure to include the words “maker learning” somewhere in your idea so other players can find it and support your idea.
  • Don’t forget to explore other ideas and provide feedback. Once an idea gets enough support in the refine stage, it moves on the final make stage, in which all players are invited to create prototypes–from hand-drawn diagrams to interface mockups!

How to win

On March 14, we’ll choose a winner and top 5 ideas. We’ll announce winners on this blog and on Institute for the Future’s Facebook page and Twitter (@iftf).

Start today! Sign up at and make the future of your city!

Need inspiration?

Check out these resources on the future of learning from Institute for the Future:

IFTF Future of Learning

About the game

Maker Cities is a massively multiplayer game that empowers you, the players, to imagine and make the future of your city. In the game, you submit your ideas about how the maker movement might impact society at large in the near future: how we learn, govern, eat and live.


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