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4 capabilities of a SynchroniCity

There are 61 hours left in our first Maker Cities challenge: SynchroniCity! You can think of a SynchroniCity as the ultimate Maker Cities, with rapid fabrication, on-demand delivery, a micro-economy of location-based gigs, and a data-based sense of the patterns

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Our favorite ideas from day 1 of Maker Cities: SynchroniCity!

We’re thrilled so many players joined for the launch Maker Cities yesterday and the first weekly challenge, called SynchroniCity.  The game is off to a great start, with dozens of exciting ideas coming in from all over the world.  All

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Synchronicity Challenge

Welcome to Maker Cities Challenge #1! What do open data, social networks, embedded sensors, and mobile devices have in common?  Together, they make the SyncroniCity possible– a future city where civic hackers and empowered citizens can program their city from

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